Khwab Mein Sone Ka Ghar Dekhna

خواب میں گھرسونے کا دیکھنا

See A House of Gold in Dream

When you see a house of gold, it represents someone who is consumed by greed. In the dream, the personality traits are also highlighted. By thanking God for what you have in your hands, you can avoid such nightmares.God will never hear you say you are tired of living or you haven't been blessed with a good lifestyle.

Ghar Soney Ka Dekhna

It is not a good sign if you see a house of gold in your dream. It means that your house will be burnt in real. This dream indicates fear and terror of fire. You must pray if you see such kind of dream and practice good things in your life.You will simply be forgiven by Allah Almighty since he is merciful and generous. Our current lives are not satisfying for most of us and we are constantly trying to reach higher levels, which is why many of us are depressed and anxious. Every time you encounter a problem, Kindy will be the one to thank God.The alternative to this would be to hold a spirit of giving and thanksgiving to Allah.

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