Khwab Mein Kisi Or K Ghar Mein Band Hona

خواب میں گھرمیں غیرمعلو م کے بندہونا

To See Yourself Locked in Somebody's House in Dream

Binding yourself to someone else's house means you'll have stability in religion and become a good follower. According to Islamic Interpretations, the dream is good and lucky at the same time for the dreamer. If you click on the alphabet, it will explain what you mean by your interpretation.

Ghar Main Ghair Malom Ka Band Hona

It is the sign of grave. If you see some unknown person in the house and he has been kept there then it means you will die or you will meet a woman in case of your work. You will meet and ask her to do your work. She will be unknown personality for you.The interpretations of this dream are authentic and based on knowledge and practice of the Islamic faith, and it refers to religion in general. Additionally, you can find further translations as well as are given in the alphabet list.which is very important since dreams should be interpreted to understand its meaning.

(گ) سے شروع ہونے والے تمام خواب


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