Khwab Mein Gadhe Ki Sawari Karna

خواب میں گدھے پرسوار ہونایا دیکھنا

To Ride A Doneky in Dream

In a dream, riding a donkey is an honor, while in waking life it is a fact. You are dreaming until you have been kicked off by the donkey or been made to go through hell. Seeing a donkey braying is also considered a bad omen. The Islamic teachings also claim that donkeys' voices are the worst, and their meat is haram.

Gadhey Par Sawar Hona

If you do donkey riding in your dream then this dream has dual signs. You will do right things in your life if your donkey is going towards west side. It is also possible that you will do Hajj in your life. But if your go opposite to the west then its not good sign. In case of this direction you will be in trouble. It means you'll have an illegitimate child or you'll be in trouble. A different interpretation arises from a different action or point of view. If you want a more in-depth explanation for your dreams, you should visit this site, where you can see an updated listing of interpretations.

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