Khwab Mein Farj Aur Zakar Ko Ikatha Dekhna

خواب میں فرج اور ذَکر کا ہمراہ دیکھنا

To See Penis and Vagina Together in Dream

The dream of seeing a penis signifies having a son. Penis can be compared to the number of children a person will have when he or she gives birth. She will have the same sex drive as men if she sees the penis in her dream. It is said that a man who dreams of a vagina remains pious in his group, class, or institute.

Farj Aur Zakar Hamrha Dekhna

The dream of a woman seeing a vagina is a good sign of her life, whereas the dream of a man seeing a vagina is a sign of his power. Dreams can have different meanings for different people. This site also contains other dreams. Seeing a situation in which the person sees vagina along with penis is good sign for the person. According to the interpretation, the person will be released from mourns and grieves of his life

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