Khwab Mein Farishte K Sath Urna

خواب میں فرشتوں کے ساتھ پرواز کرنا

To See Yourself Flying With Angels in Dream

Seeing yourself fly like an angel is a good dream, and it is understood as the death of a Shaheed. When the dreamer dies, he will receive the name Shaheed and we will meet our God in heaven. You can have a prosperous dream if you live like this. Moreover, there are a number of interpretations of the various views.

Fareshto Key Sath Parwaz Karna

A dream angle means, for example, that the dreamer has been given some advantage or pleasure. A blessing could also be interpreted in this way. We have updated this website's interpretations with new and well-researched information so you can see what other dreams you may have had. If a person dreams that he is flying with angels, it is a good sign for him. Angels are the innocent creation of Allah and seeing them in the dream means the respect of the person in the world and in religion.

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