Ashrafi Ka Baich Dalna

خواب میں اشرفی کا بیچ ڈالنا دیکھنا

To Sell a Precious Stone in Dream

In the dream, gems have the same effect as they do in the waking state. Mostly the stones are linked to astrology, as well as enhancing your life with good and positive vibes. When you dream of carnelian red gemstones, you'll be able to escape poverty. Gemstone types, structures, and conditions are considered...

Ashrafi Ka Baich Dalna

when dreaming about a gemstone. In dreams, gemstones appear to be of great importance to the dreamer as poor people and the rich have different interpretations. Aqiq dream is the most beneficial and spiritually good dream you can have. In your waking life, you will hear good words, do good deeds, and experience all the positive emotions you can have. If you sell a precious stone in the dream, it is not a good sign for you. The precious stones are the wealth for the persons and when they sell them, he will have to suffer loss. It reflects that the person will have to suffer from some grieves in his life.

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