Apnay Aap Ko Urtay Huey Dekhna

خواب میں اپنے آپ کو اُ ڑتے ہوئے دیکھنا

To See Oneself Flying in Dream

After seeing themselves fly in dreams, those who are learning will seek virtue, while those who are debouched will seek vice. Dreams of flying or racing will help people win races. Flying horizontally will straighten out a person's matters without requiring them to exert any efforts.

Apnay Aap Ko Urtay Huey Dekhna

Changing rooftops in a dream represent changing wives in the future, therefore someone will fly while changing rooftops in a dream. People who fly from one country to another feel a sense of dignity and satisfaction. The former will certainly have the province in his hands if he sees himself flying above the mountains. Those who are ordinary or submissive will die if they see themselves flying over a mountain or being afflicted with a disease. A person could also be on the verge of committing something sinful very soon. Prisoners who dream of flying will very soon be freed if they see themselves flying in hopes of being released. Thus, we can say that a prison is lucky and that people who are strangers or expatriates are likely to return to their country soon. In the case of a person who sees himself flying in the sky and then returns to earth, he will be seriously ill before he dies, but then, just before passing away, will be recovered. It is a fact that anyone who leaves the earth and never returns will soon die. All of the above discussions are based on real and authentic sources. If anyone sees himself flying in the dream, it means that he will cut off all the evil deeds in life. It also reflects that the person will go on a long journey and will return home safely. He will face no difficulty in the journey and the objective for which he has travelled will be fulfilled accordingly.

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