Anghooti Sonay Ki Bila Naginay Dekhna

خواب میں انگوٹھی سونے کی نگینہ کے بغیر

To See a Gold Ring without a Stone in Dream

“Khawab Mein Sone Ki Anghothi Bila Naginey K Dekhna” has not a good tabeer but remember that the khawab varied person by person and that is why the tabeer you will read here may or may not apply to you. In hte books it is writtenthe the ring is compared with a woman or son.

Anghooti Sonay Ki Bila Naginay Dekhna

In csae if you have seen your womanthen she nmay not have the son in case if you see that the ring has not gemstone in it. On the other side if you have seen your son as a ring in the dream than he will not be an obedient to you. All the dreams are authentic here and tabeers are taken from tyhe well researched sourced. When someone sees a gold ring that is empty of stone, it is good sign for the women but a bad sign for the men. Instead, it reflects that the men will perform some bad deeds in their life and will harm other innocent people around him.

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