Khwab Mein Angothi ka kho jana

خواب میں انگوٹھی کا کھو جانا

To Lost the Ring in Dream

Rings can be interpreted in several ways. The interpretation of a dream depends upon how it is viewed. For example, there is a different interpretation for giving and receiving at the same time as with the type of ring and the color. A lead ring in your dream represents an absence of authority. A dream where the ring is ...

Anghooti Ka Kho Jana

forcefully ripped from a person's finger represents a loss of status or position. One of the worst things one can see in a dream is losing his ring. This indicates having to deal with something the person dislikes. A Ring With Gemstone In Dream If one sees a ring in his dream he may experience power, influence, prestige, charisma, good renown, money, and other riches things in his awakening life. A gemstone ring could be beneficial and it is a worth seeing dream that one can see. A Ring With Bead In Dream As a symbol of weak and humiliating authority, we do not interpret dreaming about a ring with beads as something good. Beads are considered weak as compared with stone that is why comparatively we see interpretation in contradiction to seeing a ring with a gemstone in a dream. Seeing The Stone Is Moving In A Ring In Dream Dreaming of a ring with a stone moving in it is not particularly meaningful since it suggests the authority or power of the dreamer is going to move away. There is a chance of isolation on the way which is interpreted by such dreams. The moving of the dream is significant and this becomes the core of its interpretation When someone sees that his ring is lost in dream, it is a sign of losing rule and respect in his life. The rings are normally considered the sing of prosperity and happiness. When someone lost it, it means that he will suffer from the loss of his value in the eyes of others.

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