Angoor safeed o siyah ka dekhna

خواب میں انگور سفید سیاہ کا دیکھنا

Seeing White or Black Grapes in Dream

Several interpretations can be made of grapes in dreams: they represent abundance, fecundity, fertility, and after all, wealth depending on the different types of vision, colors, and qualities. It is also interpreted in both a very good and unfortunate context. It is meaningful to see green grapes in a dream when recovering...

Angoor Siyah Sufaid Ko Daikhna

from a disease. Seeing red grapes in a dream is also considered a good symbol as it indicates that the dreamer will have a pleasant life and will travel a lot. It is also bad luck to dream of grapes if their color is black because seeing black grapes in a dream is a sign of many losses for some and joy for others. A dream involving small grapes symbolizes frustration and disappointment, whereas one involving unripe grapes represents the formulation of a long-awaited decision. Seeing a bunch of grapes in your dreams is a very lucky sign because it indicates the close relationship between family members or friends. Grapes being pressed in a dream can be a signal that one will achieve his own aim, and that is what determines success. Please, keep your patience in both of these situations, and pray to Allah Almighty in case of a bad dream. Among our website's pages is a list of 99 Names of Allah Almighty you can follow to have information about Wazifa manners and benefits. Seeing black or white or a combination of both colored grapes has several divergent interpretations depending on the time of the year. If someone sees the grapes of these colors when it is the season of grapes, it is a good sign and represents prosperity and growth. Seeing grapes at time of the year in which grapes do no grow is a sign of declining health, grief or bad news.

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