khwab Mein Anbiya Alahiye Aslam ko Dakhna

خواب میں انبیاء علیہم السلام دیکھنا

To See Prophets in Dream

Dreaming about prophets being happy with you is an honor. Such noble and lofty views are considered blessings of Allah. Nevertheless, seeing Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him in dreams is the highest form of luck, and there is no interpretation for this dream because the Holy Prophet said whoever sees...

me in a dream sees me in genuine form because Satan cannot assume his form. If you see a prophet of Allah in your dream, it is a blessing for you in both worlds. Seeing them happy is also a blessing for you. When a person sees such noble and faithful dreams, they are considered to be people of great virtue. In addition, it is also a sign of faith, as Ma Sha Allah the dreamer is a very noble person. In Arab times, Prophet Peace Be Upon Him used to say people would love him even if they hadn't seen him. A person of such worth is valuable. Some great people have seen Prophet Muhammad in their dreams. Saints are often counted among these great people. The path of Allah Almighty must be followed carefully and beautifully for such a dream to be realized. According to the Quran, the word "Momineen" refers to those who also have these spiritual dreams. Please review the interpretations of the other dreams in the given section for more information about other noble dreams. Seeing prophets of Allah in dreams is considered as good omen by the religious scholars. However, the vision of different divine messengers refers to different fortunate happenings in the future life of the individual. For example, seeing Prophet Adam indicates that the person is going to be blessed with sainthood in life. Similarly, the vision of Prophet Noah in dreams is a sign of getting longer age. Read more about the interpretation of dreams involving the vision of divine messengers as given below:

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