Khwab Mein Tursh Anar Khana Ki Tabeer

خواب میں انارشیریں کھانایا دیکھنا

To Eat a Bitter Pomegranate

Dreaming about pomegranates has different interpretations. There are no doubts about the authenticity and veracity of the interpretations presented here. Following are some interpretations for dreaming about pomegranates. Eating Pomegranates In DreamPeople who dream about eating pomegranate skins will probably...

Anar Tursh Khana

recover from their illness. Pomegranate represents a beehive or honeycomb in a dream. The seeds in the dream represent little money if they are white. Red means that a substantial profit will be made. The pomegranate in a dream can also symbolize a journey or the fear of going on one. Usually, a fresh-looking pomegranate in a dream represents a virgin in reality. Dreaming of a pomegranate that has been halved in half represents a girl who has fallen from grace, is divorced or widowed. An unchaste woman is interpreted as a rotten or spoiled pomegranate. The sour taste represents problems, problems, and problems in dreams. Islamic Meanings For Pomegranates In Dream Seeing a pomegranate tree highlights the goodness in both worlds. Seeing Pomegant fruit also corresponds to a woman. According to Ibn Siren, eating figs with pomegranates in dreams is good for you. By demolishing it, the dreamer risks losing the ability to support his wife and children. It symbolizes a fortune that the dreamer has gathered if it is sweet or has an unspecified flavor. Worries and troubles are present in sour pomegranates. A heavily populated country or province of a sumptuous farm may be another interpretation, as well as a prosperous merchant. Eating Pomegranates Seed In Dream Getting easy money is the interpretation of a dream in which you eat pomegranate seeds. Dreams about pomegranates also symbolize savings. Depending on the kind of work one does, a ripened and sweet fruit is meant to represent a beautiful woman, a town, a son, or money. On the other hand, unripened pomegranates represent a loss in money. It also indicates a city or a ruler in a dream. It implies that one will rule or conquer a city if he breaks a pomegranate in a dream. Note the skin of pomegranates is symbolic of city walls, seeds represent its inhabitants, and the juice represents its wealth, industries, and resources. It is a sign of some grievances instead; all of the Trish fruits reflect the same explanation of the dreams.

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