Khwab Mein Azaan Dena Ki Tabeer In Urdu

خواب میں اذان کہنا یا سننا

To Call The Aazaan In Dream

The interpretation of this dream within the Islamic religion is quite surprising, though it seems to be related to religious facts. If someone calls Azan at an inopportune time, they may be caught in bad or cruel actions. "Tabeers" are distinct in this dream in several ways, but these meanings are core to it.Azan From Noble Place...

Azaan Kehna

In DreamThe azan will soon bring you to Mecca if you hear it from a noble location. You will soon enter a crime after hearing the sound of Azan from an unexpected place in a dream. The fact that one is on his bed calling Azan in a dream, shows how much he loves his wife. Dreamers will start sermons and preachings when they hear Azan is called from their minarets in their dream. Azan In Streets In Dream He becomes a detective agent after hearing Azan in the streets in his dream. A person who does not speak Azzan in a proper way is likely to become addicted to cruelty and crime. Dreamer will die very soon if omitted or added words of Azan. Children Calling Azan In Dream Seeing children call Azan in a dream may predict that he will be lied to by his parents. Also, if one has a dream that features the Azan coming from the bathhouse, the Muslim Ummah will be in danger. If you call Azan in your dreams while sitting on a throne or laughing at it, in the future you'll behave unreasonably or madly.

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