Aasman Per Kosoo Kaza Dekhna

خواب میں آسمان پر قوس وقزح دیکھنا

To See Rainbow On Sky in Dream

Dreaming of a rainbow is very meaningful. In Islam, each color of the rainbow represents a different meaning. For example, peace and comfort are indicated by green. A rainbow's red color is interpreted as blood and killing. The color red is also associated with marriage.Authentic Islamic...

Aasman Sey Qos O Qaza Dekhna

Meaning OF Your DreamYour dream "Khawab" is located in each alphabet as a "Tabeer". Information can be found by searching. We present authentic and verified information on this page since it is not based on raw knowledge or self-made knowledge. Meaning Of Different Colors In A Rainbow In Dream The pale color of the rainbow indicates sickness. Another indication of green in this dream is that it represents the ruler's peace. As the rainbow was considered a woman by poets in poetry, it also symbolized a marriage by many scholars. Interpretation Of The Direction Of The Rainbow In Dream Orientation is important in this case. The left and right appearance of a rainbow provide different meanings in terms of direction. Chaos or strange events will occur in the same direction as the rainbow. When someone sees rainbow on sky and it is of green color, it is sign of peace. Yellow color is a sign of illness and the red color reflects the murders and blood. Some has explained the red color as getting married.

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