Khwab Mein Andhi Dekhna

خواب میں آند ھی کا دیکھنا

To See a Dust Storm or Lightining

We have selected a few interpretations “Or Tabeers” that we feel are very prominent interpretations of the dream that contains a view of dust storms or lightning. Here are the following interpretations in context.Dust represents money in dreams.On the other hand, a cloud of dust seen in a dream is said to mean none of the participants...

Aandhi Ka Daikhna aur Bijli Ka Girna

know how they will escape the mysterious event. For example, given dust is a theme in all the following paragraphs but has a different meaning depending on the viewpoint you have in the dream. Washing Hands With Dust In A dream. The dream of washing one's hands with dust will lead one to poverty. Which is not a good sign for you. Such a person is likely to spend a lot of time trying to acquire money. Dreams of lack of money, wealth, or facilities associated with money are often interpreted as a sign of financial distress. Below are some additional interpretations. Thunderstorm Or Lightning In A Dream. If you see dust after a rainstorm or a thunderstorm and lightning in a dream, you are experiencing hardships. And it interprets not as a good sign in your favor as a thunderstorm or lightning in dreams is a sign of bad fortune or bad luck. Sand Or Dust Flying In The Sky In A Dream. The movement of sand or dust through the air symbolizes disorder in the affairs of a beholder. Mist or fog can also be interpreted the same way. As both of these obstacles are evident when viewed by the eye. Massive Tornado Ferried People, Cats, Or Cars In A Dream It is always tidings from Allah Almighty that are represented by winds in a dream. Tornadoes and tropical storms which carry people, trees, homes, or livestock in the air represent calamities affecting entire regions by spreading them over their paths of destruction. Thunder and a stormy wind represent a tyrant in a dream. A dust storm in a dream also signifies destruction on the land. Due to which such dreams are not interpreted as a good sign for the dreamer. It represents some epidemic or the coming of any difficulty or bad situation in his life.

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