Khwab Mein Ahn Dekhna Ki Tabeer

خواب میں آہن دیکھن

To See Iron (Aahan) in Dream

Iron or Ahan is interpreted differently in the dream. The dream representing “ahan” indicates the dreamer will be served by a servant. In addition, there is another prediction, which says: if one sees in his dreams that iron has been given to him, he will be repaid with property or wealth in the future.

Aahan Dekhna

Islamic Interpretations For Seeing Ahan (iron) in Dream All of the interpretations "Khawaboon ki tabeer” mentioned above are Islamic and derived from very reliable sources. Interpretations we provide are genuine and not fake. For more information on "Khawaboon ki Tabeer", please browse other pages in order to find out what the whole truth is about your dream. Working With Iron Tools in Dream If a person is working with iron tools in the dream, the dream suggests he will soon be involved in a fight. The other sign is that a person who finds iron-made items to perform a task in the dream will get respect, maybe even the title of ruler in his state. Melting Iron or Bronze in Dream If one sees himself melting iron or bronze in a dream. It will be considered that he will be involved in complaining and backbiting society. And if a person sees iron in his/her dream, he/she will be rich, wise, and powerful. When someone sees Aahan in dreams, it reflects some happiness or increase in his values.

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