Khwab Mein Abe Mizhi Dekhna Ki Tabeer

خواب میں آبِ مذی دیکھنا

To See Sperms in Dream

Sperms in the dream give meaning to happiness. Here happiness is dependent upon the number of sperms in the dream. According to the Islamic point of view, it is a good sign and it is an indicator of happiness. According to the website, it is an indication of new opportunities and inventions in waking life.

آب مذی

آب مذی وہ پانی ہے جو مرد کے عضو تنا سل سے عالم شہوت میں منی سے پہلے خارج ہوتا ہے۔ خواب میں مذی کا نکلنا خوشی کی علامت ہے بمطابق مقدار کے۔

There are following different interpretations for different dreams. Seeing A Jar full of sperm In Dream It is quoted by scholars that a person who sees himself owning a jar full of sperm in his dreams will find money and happiness in the awakening life. The giving or receiving of the jar is directly linked with giving and receiving wealth in reality. Seeing Yellow Sperm In Dream In this dream, the "Tabeer" or meaning predicts a sick child. In fact, this prediction is neither lucky nor good. Children are lovable and no one wants to see their children sick or in pain. Seeing Red Sperm In Dream If the color of sperm is red in one’s dream. Children whose lives will be short are indicated by this sign. As well as being bad for the dreamer, it is also a sign of misfortune. Holding Other’s Sperm in Hand In Dream Prediction of this dream is likely good as it indicates getting money from someone else. Wealth growth is a positive sign in this case. Receiving Hot Sperm In Dream One of the most reputed interpretations is about receiving hot sperm in one’s dream is related to getting money from a treasure. It is said that ancient people were obsessed with finding hidden treasures, because of which they came to this interpretation. Nowadays the dreamer's treasure may belong to the Government of the country where he lives. When someone sees the evacuation of sperms in the dreams, it is a sign of happiness. But that largely depends on the amount of sperms evacuated.

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